Kitty is amazing. In all my life I've never had a massage therapist take the time to understand my physical issues injuries and in my case, chronic pain that I deal with from an injury 20 years ago. She even took the time to consult with my chiropractor. Not your typical MT. I'm an athlete and former ski racer, hockey player, and have pretty much beaten up my body playing sports for many years. She is working wonders and helping my pain. After several sessions with her, I was able to kayak in the morning, and sand my porch and do yard work in the afternoon with no pain for the first time in years! I would recommend her for anyone/everyone!!!



When I left Kitty's office after the first session, my sciatic pain was still there, but it was different--instead of being stabbing, it was more balanced and spread out. I was able to clean house for the first time in forever. Also, I noticed when I got out of the car, that something was different, easier. I had been rolling out of my car for years, and I could actually swing my leg out! It was amazing! The next morning, I turned out of bed and did not tear up and collapse on the floor in pain. I was able to walk to the bathroom and do my stretches, and all felt good, with a reasonable amount of pain. After my second session I was able to stand upright instead of being bent over and I felt closer to normal than I had in years. After about the fourth session, I quit having the shooting pain down my leg. My doctor had put me on an inhaler, but it never did help much--my chest always felt so tight. After a session where Kitty worked on my ribs, I went home and vacuumed my house and I could breathe better. My lower back pain has now shrunken to a small area on either side of my spine, and I can bend over and touch the ground, whereas I had to work up to that before. Needless to say, I am very happy with the results I have had!



"I have gotten a lot of massages, but nothing like Kitty does.  She does a "structural massage" which is very different.  The impact is immediate and it lasts a long time. If you have pain, you need see her as part of your recovery process."  



I have been attending monthly massage therapy with Kitty for about a year. I have found the application of her technique and experience invaluable in counteracting the repetitive physical effects caused by my job. Kitty listens to my concerns and intuitively works on correcting those issues. Kitty's therapy work has helped me elevate and maintain my current health.



When I threw out my back, I went in to see Kitty and was in a lot of pain.  She worked on me with thoroughness, compassion, and knowledgeable insight. She explained everything I wanted to know, and she kept trying different techniques until she had done everything possible in one session.  I experienced some relief that day, and she taught me exercises to strengthen my muscles to prevent further occurrences.  The best part, however, was that within a week of seeing Kitty, my pain completely subsided. It took a few days, but Kitty's understanding of the human body, and her healing intuition made all the difference. Thank you, Kitty!


"When I first visited Kitty I was in a lot of pain in my left hip and leg. I had just had a hip replacement but the old pains were still there. Prior to surgery I had 12 weeks of PT with no relief. After just two sessions of massage I am feeling 99% back to normal. I can't recommend Somata Massage more highly as I feel like it is almost a miracle to get results so quickly. I sure wish I had started massage a lot earlier in my life. Looking forward to continuing my massages for ever."



Kitty has an inherent and unique ability to determine and focus on a specific part of a body in order for her to spend quality time on that concern. She is very sensitive to the client's needs and pain tolerance.

~B Smith


"I have chronic pain and stiffness in my elbows, forearms and hands from years of sitting at a computer typing, and because I also recently tore a tendon in my right arm. The pain was so bad in my right arm that I had trouble performing even simple tasks like holding a glass of water or using a screwdriver. Kitty suggested deep tissue massage to help loosen the fascia and help improve circulation to the injured areas to aid healing. I was skeptical and a bit worried that it might hurt too much because I'm sensitive to deep pressure. But it wasn't bad, and after the first 90-minute session I felt immediate relief. My hands and forearms now feel almost normal, and the pain in my right elbow subsided to the point that I'm now able to use that arm again. The exercises she suggested in addition to massage therapy also helped strengthen and give flexibility to my arms. I'm grateful for the help, and highly recommend her services." 



My lower and upper back have not been painful since Kitty massaged and released the shoulders and hips and I was able to get up to standing after stretching at my club--usually a monumental task. My neck feels better too!



 I first went to see Kitty to help with my foot pain, which was so bad that I couldn't take long walks or hikes. She did a thorough analysis first, then focused on my calves and feet. Using just the right amount of pressure was key, so I had no "day after" pain. She also gave me exercises to relieve the pain in my toes. Afterward, I felt like I was walking on cotton! I saw her on two more occasions where she worked on trigger points in my calves and my inner thighs. Now I can take 2-3 mile walks and hikes. I am pain-free and so happy with the outcome and am grateful to Kitty that she takes her job seriously and excels in her professionalism. Thank you Kitty!



I came to Kitty with severe neck stiffness and discomfort. This had been an
issue on and off for about 8 months (ever since I had a car accident). Kitty
provided me with an expert massage and it sounds like a miracle but I have
not had any issues with my neck ever since. I received my massage 6 months
ago. I truly appreciate her professionalism and taking her time to really
figuring out what was going on with my musculature. Kitty truly has magic
hands but also a very smart approach to treating my pain. I am very grateful
to her.


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