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Located in the Bonnie Mae Chiropractic Building, SW corner of 5th Ave. and Wadsworth

7610 W. 5th Ave., #201, Lakewood, CO 80226     (720) 336-1688   kitty@somatamassage.com


Hi, I'm Katherine Smith! I grew up in Lakewood and earned my BA in Speech Therapy from CU Boulder. Later (let's just say MUCH later!), in 2013, I got my massage certification from Colorado School of Healing Arts. I am licensed in the state of Colorado, and certified in Myoskeletal Massage, Medicupping and most recently as a Core Exercise Specialist. My real passion is Structural Integration (SI) through myofascial release. SI addresses dysfunctional postural patterns and the chronic pain and restrictions they can cause. I specialize in the hips and lower back, working to balance the tissues that pull in every direction, and getting the hard-to-reach muscles that other therapists often avoid. I use Massage,  Medicupping, and  Craniosacral Therapy (CST) to be as effective as possible while staying within my clients' pain threshold.

I have just added a new modality to my practice called NeurOptimal® neurofeedback. It is a device that monitors the brainwaves, giving gentle auditory feedback when detecting fluctuations. In response, the brain orients to the feedback, creating new neural pathways over multiple sessions. The FDA has categorized NeurOptimal® as a wellness, not a medical device, which means it does not diagnose or treat specific conditions. Rather, it optimizes brain function, allowing for better focus and attention, improved mood, regulation of bodily systems and peak cognitive and physical performance. My husband Dave is joining me in my practice to run NeurOptimal® sessions in my office and can be contacted directly at 720.819.5395 or at dave@somatamassage.com. See "About NeurOptimal® neurofeedback" in the left panel above for more information.


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About structural integration massage...

Structural bodywork differs from what most people associate with massage. Client participation is used to enhance stretches and neuromuscular techniques for postural patterns that include rotations, restrictions, and tilts. Below are some examples.


Below: Here I am working to release the client's lateral fascial line, including the obliques, ribcage and serratus anterior.


Left: This stretch is done down either side of the client's spine while in a seated position.


Right: T-bars are tools used to treat triggerpoints, cross fiber adhered tissues, and loosen muscle attachments around the bones.




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